Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Running and bits and pieces

I’ve been doing hour long runs down by the river, venturing farther afield each time. It doesn’t hurt so much to run on gravel. And the weather has been favourable over the weekend. I still suck at swimming, but on a weekend, it doesn’t feel as though I have completed my workout until I’ve done some 15-20 laps in the pool. I must be getting dehydrated by then because I kept getting calf cramps. The last time I had a serious muscle cramp was in high school, I was playing field hockey and suddenly collapsed. I remember my form teacher came onto the field and warned me to stop playing because I had to take an exam the next day, and if I didn’t make it for the exam, I’d have blown my entire year. I kept playing.

Work – it’s been the same old. Day in and day out. I don’t feel challenged, and lately, I don’t feel appreciated either. Not since Mark left. Our team meetings have been cancelled indefinitely, and I do not see much of my manager at all. Things are just different now, and I’ve heard rumours that a replacement will soon join our team. I’ve already decided I don’t like this new guy. Or gal.

I had an interview for an internal position on Friday. I almost called to cancel the interview 15 mins before my interview time. It’s another short term contract, and the position didn’t even really appeal to me and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why I had applied for it in the first place. As a result of not really wanting this job, I walked into the interview as calm as I’ve ever been. I even answered the questions in a sort of slow motion. I hope I didn’t come off sounding drunk! It’s hard when you’re being interviewed by your colleagues.

Overall, I think the interview went ok. I could answer all the questions they threw at me. But I couldn’t(didn’t) pretend to be enthusiastic over a position I didn’t give a damn about, so I think I came off sounding uninterested and maybe even distracted. I’d be very surprised if they picked me. In the unlikely event that they do, I’ll probably turn it down.

And so the hunt continues….


borderline savvy said...

Hey. Don't be so quick to turn down the job if they offer it to you. If it's a short term contract, then it wouldn't kill you to do it. That way, you buy yourself time to get something you really want. Believe me, you don't want to be living off of savings.

I'm glad your runs on the river are gentler on you. An hour! You go, girl! After an hour of running I'd drown if I went into a pool. You're really magnificent.

As my grandmother used to say, Keep on keeping on (about the job hunt). And I'll do the same.

Take care of my favorite bear!

Gigglezngrinz said...

Eat bananas. The muscle cramps are usually a lack of potassium.

disso_k said...

Hey Polar. Thanks for your comments on my latest post regarding my possible job application. They made a lot of sense. It's funny to pop over to your blog this morning and see that you are going through the whole selection process as well. Best of luck, whatever you decide.

Radin said...

Wish you luck with your work. The exercise you do is just great. I have problem when climbing the stairs up to my office.

mizeeyore said...

hi polar bear. thanks for stopping by my blog and posting your comments. i truly appreciate it. also, take your time with the job hunt, hon. whatever God has in store for you, He will reveal it.
and also thank you for giving me the conversion rate for Canadian to American money. i dont plan to cash the check, just deposit it, and i was told by my bank it was ok to do that...but i always welcome a second opinion!

anyways, keep your head up and dont let negativity rent free space in your head.

many many thanks and blessings to you

((((((((polar bear)))))))))))


Barb said...

I am seriously impressed by your workouts--keep it up!

Yuki said...

Wow!! You must be in great shape!! Good for you!! Hey, if you're looking for a job and are open to possibilities outside of your country...there are lots of jobs in Toronto!! (OK. I'm just selfishly trying to convince you to come to TO so I can hang out with you!!) But, all the best in the job hunt!!

Polar Bear said...

I didn't get it, Suzanne. It's a blow nonetheless, isn't it? I'm ok about it though.
Yuo, we'll just have to keep on keeping on.

Cool. Thanks, I will be sure to have a banana with me next time. That's really helpful to know.

We're in the same boat, mate!

Thanks, Radin. One step at a time, they say. You build up endurance by going just a bit further each time. Before long you're be going the distance.


Thanks, Barb.

I would so love to return to TO. But unfortunately I don't think it will be possible for me. TO's beautiful city. I was in love with it once. But I think it's something that I cannot go back to....

Polar Bear