Friday, September 02, 2005


Why does it feel like a betrayal, that you should have a family? Someone loves you, you go home to them each day, and spend all your time together. Not a trace of me in that life of yours. I’ve always felt like an outsider, and today I know that’s the only true thing I’ve ever known my entire life.


Geisha_Girl said...

Hey, Bear ...

I know that "outsider" feeling.

From reading comments on your posts, I'd say you've got a cyber-family happening, so you're not alone even if it feels that way!

Changing the subject, I'm really impressed that you run!

Good luck with the work stuff -- hope it gets easier.

:-)) Jane

JC said...

I too can relate. I was always the black sheep and will always be. I have now accepted it. It is ok with me.

James said...

I agree. I have always felt alienated from my family. And it has only gotten worse as I have grown older and broke away from the family religion.