Thursday, September 29, 2005

The eve

She smiled at me a lot today. I needed it. I needed the reassurance. Next week will be a tough week. The whole idea of starting a new job is slowly sinking in. I'm excited, and terrified. It's a weird feeling.

My last day here tomorrow will be quick, I think. My manager is taking our group out for lunch. It will be nice to have a decent farewell like this. I don’t believe I’ve ever had something like that before.


borderline savvy said...

Good for you, Polar Bear! Congratulations on both the job and on the farewell party. That is really cool.

Stop worrying. You'll do great at your next job.

Big hugs!

Yuki said...

I admire your courage in going forward into this new job! It's okay to be scared or nervous - I think that's natural! Have a good lunch!!:) It's nice to know you're appreciated, eh?

sansanity said...

for you're the jolly good polar bear for you're the jolly good polar bear for you're the jolly good polar bear
which nobody can deny.
i know what you mean about farewells. let's see, my last one consisted of the secretary giving me a photocopy of my layoff notice 17 hours before the lay off was to become effective. and the job before that my boss said "bye see you tomorrow" and i said "ummm, no. to day is my last day. did you actuallly read my 2 weeks notice letter?" lol.