Monday, September 05, 2005

Running wounds

Weekend. A bit of a struggle. Even running didn’t save me. The blisters I got last weekend running? I peeled the skin back, thinking I couldn’t aggravate that area any further. But now I have blisters under the old blisters. It's not pretty.

Running. Out and back route for an hour on Saturday, but I felt tired and heavy. Coming back was a struggle. I might have covered only 11-12K. I ate a banana as I was getting my swimming gear out of the car, and was not plagued by calf cramps this week. Who hoo.

I wish other problems were as easy to solve as eating a banana.


The Mass Defective said...

You may have struggled a bit, but you got out and did something plus you're still going so you made it thru the weekend. Give yourself credit for that.

Be careful with those blisters. If they're layered like that, they have more of a tendency to become infected.

And on a side note, I have to say I'm GLAD bananas aren't the problem solver...I have a severe phobia of bananas & I'd be screwed if they were the answer!

Take care,

James said...

I agree. I love bananas!!

butterflies said...

Wow,you sure can run a long way!
And if bananas could solve problems Id be as fat as a pig:)

Geisha_Girl said...

Don't know about bananas, but I'm almost inspired to get myself some runners and to get out there for ... a brisk walk.

No way known I'd manage to run anywhere, so I'm mega-impressed that you run -- let alone run for KILOMETRES.