Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hotel for the soul

I read a review of Moby’s latest release Hotel in a blog somewhere and its introduction caught my attention:

"...hotels fascinate me in that they're incredibly intimate spaces that are scoured every 24 hours and made to look completely anonymous... people sleep.. and cry.. and bathe.. and have sex in hotel rooms...we enter a hotel room and it becomes our biological home for a while and then we leave. in some ways it's similar to the human condition.

we exist and we strive and we love and we cry and we laugh and we run around... and then we die and... the world is wiped clean of our biological presence..."

I knew I had to get a copy of the CD and listen to the songs myself. And I did. It’s pretty good. I’ve never listened to Moby before this, and only knew vaguely about him. If the rest of his music is anything to go by the Hotel tracks, I’d say it’s a bit too mellow for me, but there is a time and place for such music, and so having said that, it’s pretty damn good mellow music.


Yuki said...

I like the lyrics.

António Caeiro said...

i see Moby in concert in lisbon, very nice-good concert.
thnsks for visit Monsaraz