Monday, November 21, 2005

It's only Monday

Weekend came and weekend went. I went for an hour long run along the river on Saturday. Blisters on my feet again. Sometimes I just don’t know how to stop. Running clears my mind. It focuses all my attention on the effort, on the breathing, on the rhythm of movement. It soothes while it hurts. Is this a form of self injury? My case worker used to hint to me that it did.

I did some mundane household chores, stayed home as much as I could. Weekends are the only breaks I get. Respite from work when work gets tedious and hard.

I wish it was the weekend again.


The Mass Defective said...

It's the weekend again. Sorry I'm only just now posting a reply. As you know from reading my blog I'm kind of out of it. Still trying to read other blogs even if I'm not posting to my own.

I think running can be a form of self injury if you do it to excess. To the point where you are pushing yourself too much that you are physically hurting your body. But on the upside if that is the case, it is helping you to clear your mind and focus...which I think balances out the self injury.

Anonymous said...

Blind Faith says hang in there,It's a day to day thing.