Thursday, November 03, 2005


I took lorazepam and zyprexa (Olanzapine) along with my usual Seroquel dose last night in an attempt to run away feel better. I’d seen my case manager yesterday…or was it the day before…. I can’t remember. I’m a walking zombie today, which makes it hard because I am supposed to be at work. For the first time in,….god knows how long, I came in late. Like at 10am late. That’s 2.5 hours late from my usual start time. And this won’t mean I’ll be working late either. My brain is slushy and I cannot concentrate to save myself. It’s one of those days where everything is simply wasted effort.


Yuki said...

Take care! Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Geisha_Girl said...

The slushy brain is something I've experienced -- and I've had that happening without having taken anything. Just stress and zombying out while burning out.

Try to get some rest.


disso_k said...

I hope Friday was a better day for you, Polar. I hate the days where I feel completely out of it and my brain doesn't seem to kick in at all. Ick.

Yuki said...

I had a dazed day that day I read your blog! But, it was due to lack of sleep!!! But, I hate that blurred, fuzzy feeling where you just want to go home to BED!