Monday, February 06, 2006

Another tri

Did a triathlon yesterday and amazingly came in with a sub-60min time. I didn't think I was as fit as I could be because I hadn't been training as hard as I could have this year. But I was about 15 mins behind the first place finisher. In a race with about 1100 other women, it felt great.

Friday wasn't such a good day. My laptop died on me, and even though important data was saved, it looks like my laptop won't be making the trip to Brisbane with me this week. As today is a public holiday, I will not be getting a new loaned laptop until sometime tomorrow afternoon, which means all the preparation for my presentation will have to be left till tomorrow. I leave for Brisbane on Wednesday. It sounds as though I have plenty of time to get prepared. A whole afternoon! Whooee.... But the truth is, I have to reinstall specialized software which may or may not work with the new laptop. I think tomorrow will be a stressful day for me. There's nothing worse, in my books, than being unprepared. This whole last-minute thing just does not sit well with me.

Still, I suppose things could have been worse... My laptop could have decided to die on me a whole hour before I am due for the presentation.

The week ahead will be challenging, nonetheless. Back from Brisbane on the 12th and off again to the South Island for another meeting, then back again, to make the drive into Capital City on the 14th.


butterflies said...

Have a great trip..hope everything goes well for you and the laptop behaves !!
Brisbane is hot as shit right now!

The Mass Defective said...

Congrats on doing so well with the triathlon! That's pretty darn good to be only 15 mins behind first place. Keep it up and maybe you'll be the first place finisher in the near future!

Have a safe trip to Brisbane. Sounds like you'll be keeping quite busy this week. Hope you get the laptop and software up & running in time.

Take care of you!

Ophelia said...

I like your style and person very much and I'm happy your life seems to be a bit easier now.

sansanity said...

from the girl who is technically running the mile in high school (from pver 20 years ago, cuz i got lapped so many times they thoguht i was in the finishing group)...
you go! damn. a woman at work does tri's. my triatholon consists of trying not to overeat, trying not to eat before getting in the bed, and trying not to keel over and die while walking to the kitchen to get my 2nd lunch.

James said...

I'm sooo proud of you on your success in the triathlon!! It must feel great to accomplish something so big! Take care.

Anonymous said...

Congratualations on the triathlon -- I'm impressed!!

Pain in the arse about the laptop, but at least you can scramble to prepare the work for the presentation.

Wow, you're my superhero. I can't believe how fit you are. That deserves a HUGE pat on the back -- and so does holding down the work.

Well done, Polar!