Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Of polar bears

Been an overwhelming week and a half. Returned from Brisbane around midnight on Sunday, and was on the go again on Monday in Christchurch. I’m finally back at my desk today with a ton of work which I now need to do. I’m tired, cranky and feeling like I’m crashing.

Brisbane was such a big adventure for me. After working hard for two days, I went to SeaWorld on Saturday and had a blast. I took so many photos with my digital camera that it ran out of memory. Drat. Still, I have about 80 photos, most of them are of the polar bears. And that’s not a bad haul at all.

There were other things I did at SeaWorld as well. I rode the CockScrew and the Pirate Ship. I also went on the Bermuda Triangle adventure and caught a 4D animation called “Planet SOS”. But I spent most of my time watching the polar bears. I wish they had a program like the “Swim with the Dolphins” and “Encounter with the Sharks” with the polar bears. I mean really, if people are allowed to get up close and personal with sharks, why the hell not with the polar bears? It’s just not fair.

So I got home around midnight on Sunday. I was tired, but found it hard to get to sleep. By the time I had to get up and fly down to CHCH on Monday morning, I was irritable and cranky. The meeting went well down there, though, and I finished by 2pm, which meant I had to kill a few hours before my 7pm flight home. I spent some time at the mall wandering around aimlessly.

Yesterday I had to go down to Capital City for a couple more meetings. Looks like a busy week this week as well with a few local meetings. At least I don’t have to wait around airports until next Monday!

I can’t wait for the weekend.


borderline savvy said...

PB--love your bear photo. I know you'll recover. Just get back there and run and swim and feel like your normal self again.

James said...

Yeah, they could slightly sedate the bears and then we could get in there for a BIG HUG!!!! Sounds good to me! ;) I love all bears but especially Pandas.

Hang in there dear friend.


Anonymous said...

The bears are beautiful. Good to know you've had fun and that all went well for you.

Suzanne said...

Really and truly what we all need to do is sack off our jobs (but keep the money) and sack off therapy and just spend all day playing with animals, we'd all be so much happier!

disso_k said...

So glad to hear that you had a ball visiting Sea World and photographing the polar bears. Hope your weekend is allowing you to recharge yourself.