Monday, March 06, 2006

Flying south for the winter...

It's the end of a long day. And it's only Monday. Work has been a distraction, for which I am grateful for... but sometimes I wish I had more time to gather myself together and to be really ready to face all this... busy-ness. Instead, I feel parts of myself disintegrating throughout the day, and I must concentrate on presenting the best side of myself in the face of work demands.

Wasted trip into the Capital today. The guy we were supposed to meet made a mistake on the date and time we had proposed, and so was absent. I did get a nice lunch out of it, but what a waste of time.

Tomorrow, early morning (too early), I fly down South again. Series of meetings in 3 different cities. An overnight in Dunedin - it's currently pretty cold down there, and I have no desire to face the frigid winds. I know it will only strip what little resolve I have left, what little energy I have left. But what do I do? Work goes on. Things must be done. Battles must be fought.


borderlinesavvy said...

Signs of disintegration are not good. Have you been running/swimming? Let V know how you feel. Working may be an extra hard strain on you.

Please take good care of yourself. Enjoy your puzzle on the plane. Remember to practice mindfulness a few times a day. I have a great program that you can put on your computer and it will ring a bell periodically (you choose) and reminds you to take a few mindful breaths. It's been helpful to me. Write me if you want to know where it is. It's on The Buddhist Blog by James.

Anonymous said...

I admire the energy you DO have. All that travel must be draining ... I'd find it a tension builder. Good on you for pressing on.