Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Of empty vessels

Daylight streaming in, like the cold fingers of winter, reaching in, clawing its way in. Why is it always so cold? He tells me to put on more clothes. Maybe I should. I’m just never prepared. Not like the boy scouts. It’s just as well they never let me join the Brownies.

Some people are built to withstand harsh weather. I’m just cold all the time. There’s something about the lack of warmth in my body. It’s almost like there’s nobody home. Empty vessels don’t retain heat very well apparently. My mother used to call me an empty vessel. “Empty vessels make the most noise”, ever heard of that saying? I was an empty vessel, ok. But it’s not true about the noise. I was a silent kid. I still am.


butterflies said...

Well...I think your mother was a bitch to call you an empty vessel! thats so uncool..didnt she also know the expression"if you havent got anything nice to say dont speak at all"
It IS cold here now..every day it rains! We seem to have gone from hot as to cold,especially in the mornings.Take care sweetie

Dear Jane said...

I have never heard that saying, but I am always cold as well. I think in my case, it is because I am frozen in this state of perpetual fear and panic and will probably feel cold until I "unfreeze" that pent up emotion.

Joel said...

Once during a blizzard, I went outside in shirt sleeves and remained there for ten minutes.

Cold suits me. I run to volcanic and will do anything to ice myself down. I keep the house at 68 degrees. Global warming distresses me because of the retreating glaciers and cool spots that I crave.

James said...

I've never heard that saying but it seems like as stupid one to me.

I too hate the cold and winter. I'm always worse in the winter.

Although I must say that I have a very warm body and usually need to cool down. My wife calls me her electric blanket. Hmmm.

I hope heat comes your way soon.

ECLIPSE said...

Hey, Polar ...

I've heard of the saying.

What were a few casual words to your mother turned out to be harsh words to you that have stayed with you for a long time.

I'm sorry your childhood was a cold one. Mine was, too.

And, yeah, I'm not that big on the cold you'd have in NZ ... but I love the cold here in Melb. when I've got the heater on full blast.

:-) Jane

Ophelia said...

Polar bears live in coldness. Is that the reason for your pseudonym? The emotional coldness of your home. It's so hard to satisfy the enormous need for somebody who cares if you lack the feeling from the start, it's like to be empty inside... It really drives you mad.

My problem also.