Friday, June 16, 2006


Long days, as I had anticipated. A couple of things went wrong on this trip which made me think this entire trip was somehow jinxed from the very start. But I won’t go into the details. I’ll just say that both incidents involved the trip there and the trip back. The second incident left me pretty upset, but I don’t want to talk about it as the wound is still pretty raw. All I want to say is that things may appear rosy and fine on the outside, and that the world can go on believing that things happen fair and right, but I know who I am, and I know my place. It was somewhat of a reality check which made me very sad. But it’s something I can’t do much about.

The work part of it was alright. I did a 30minute presentation and felt mildly elated when it was over. I’ve seen this project through, and I’m pleased with the work we have done. This was my final assignment, as I start my new job on Monday. It feels like the close of one chapter and the opening of a new one.


butterflies said...

Welcome home sweetie.Good to hear the presentation went well.
Im sorry for your hurt.I understand how it can be too raw to talk about.Im dealing with some crap right now too but I know it wont last forever.
Chin up girlfriend:)
Take care and good luck with the new job.

Anonymous said...

It's great that the work side of things went well for you.

Maybe with some time, distance and rest the other stuff won't seem so bad after all.