Monday, June 12, 2006

Retail therapy

Leaving this late afternoon for a 4 day business trip overseas. Already, I can’t wait for it to be over and I can come back to my own place.

Yesterday I went shopping. I spent over $200 on clothes. I have never done anything like this before. I’ve been to that clothes store a lot of times trying to find something I like, and I have never been able to. Most times I simply walk out empty handed. I don’t really enjoy clothes shopping. I hate having to get into those fitting rooms and trying out clothes. I’m way too flat and look terrible in most clothes, particularly V necks. Most things don’t fit me anyway. They’re all large or extra large, and I find myself swimming in most clothes.

Still, I spent $200 yesterday. I’m stunned myself.


butterflies said...

Good on ya! Youll look great:)
Have a wonderful time overseas and enjoy it! Make the most of any free time you have and maybe you can get some MORE clothes..heh

Aqua said...

I too hate shopping for clothes (unless I am in a high mood...then I love it). Sometimes buying something you like feels so good...I am glad to hear you spent some money on yourself. You work so hard, you deserve it. Also, I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know I appreciate your support and comments on my posts. I know I don't often respond, but it is not because your comments aren't meaningful to me. It's because I isolate when I feel bad...anyways, thanks, you are a wonderful and caring person.

sansanity said...

where the heck do you live that there are a ton of large and x-large left on the shelf? I need to move THERE! lol!

yeah i dread shopping. i ahve literally cried in the dressing room. so usually i don't try anything on. i just buy it. try it on at home and then return if necessary.

Anonymous said...

I'm not big on it either and haven't bought anything new in a long time,

Enjoy secondhand bargain hunting but take a guess as to the fit and it's no big deal if I'm wrong.

It is fun to reward yourself ... I think it makes you feel so much better when you invest something in the appearance.

Anyway, enjoy o/s trip.

busybusybusy said...

I hate trying on clothing. I would rather do it when I get home and then take it back if it doesn't fit. Have a nice trip.

Yuki said...

I hope your trip goes well, Polar Bear. Yeah, I don't usually like shopping either. I know what you mean about the body shape thing. You know, if we were living in Victorian times, where flat chests was the "in" look, we'd be soo hot! (Yeah, it comforts me.) :) But, we can still be good looking!! Hope you enjoy your new clothes. I'm sure they look fabulous on you! Sometimes we can be our own worst critics, eh? Have a good trip! Thinking of you!!