Friday, June 23, 2006

Settlement day

Today marks a major milestone. I am officially a home owner with a mortgage. Already I feel like a responsible adult. Or at least a cleverly disguised one…..


ECLIPSE said...

Congratulations -- that's great news!!!


Vixen said...

Congrats! Hoping that I'll be down that path in the near future too!

Aqua said...

That is so great. Tough getting to the point where you can even afford the down payment for a house. Good for you and I hope it becomes a "home sweet home"

The Mass Defective said...

Congrats Polar! I'm envious cuz unless my folks die and leave me their house, I will never own one.

Hope you make it your castle, decorated to provide comfort and safety.


James said...

Way to go!!!

You deserve a nice place to call your own. :)

butterflies said...

TOO Good girlfriend!!! Good on ya:)
Im so happy for you.Its a big step and the absoulute best way to have money in the bank.Property here never devalues.Its YOURS!
How about some pics???
Love ya