Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Taking one down

Thoughts sliding through my brain. Thoughts too slippery to hold onto, falling through the cracks of my soul. Everything is drug fogged. Everything I touch, everything I try to make sense of. Life is hidden in the murky depths of this well.

Who am I? Who was I? Who have I been? Is it her again?

She’s quiet, when she behaves herself. But when she doesn’t, they pump her full of drugs. Sometimes I like her better drugged. Sometimes she frightens me when she is drugged. She’s revealed many secrets to me, even in the midst of drug induced coma. She’s shown me places I can only dream of, places where she and I are forever free. Forever free from the torment of this world. Forever free from the heartache that is life.

We can be free, she whispers to me in that seductive tone. We can walk away and never look back.

She only has to smile at me, and my resolve will shatter. I can only go willingly.


butterflies said...

Shes a seductress but she doesnt tell you the truth.She only wants to drag you down into the murky depths where she dwells.
She only wants to do you harm.

Stay safe sweetie,dont be tempted.

Ophelia said...

Oh, Polar Bear. You don't loose yourself even if things are going better now. Don't be afraid. You still have your inner self.

busybusybusy said...

Somewhere in your brain you hear that little whisper, you have heard it before. What does it say? The seductress has a forked tounge?She speaks only to what she thinks you want to hear, but she will not lead you to a land of peace and beauty. The whisper gets louder and you must listen, for the whisper is from those that she has seduced before.