Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Halfway between life and death

Something’s off today. It’s been very cold and I can feel the chill right to my bone. My body aches, a dull throbbing when I walk. I want to close my eyes and forget where I am. I want to close my mind so nothing hurts me anymore. There are thoughts in my head which are screaming at me. My head hurts. My stomach is churning. I forced fed myself cereal this morning and I couldn’t eat lunch.

I haven’t done anything all day. And now all I have left is an hour to get through this workday. I’m so tired I’m going to go straight to bed to sleep as long as I can.

Goodnight world.


James said...

I hope this passes soon. I'm thinking about you.

butterflies said...

It IS bloody cold here too!..cold southerly winds that cut to the bone.
Roll on summer.
Hope you had a good rest this weekend..take care of you and keep warm.