Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Graduation.... of sorts

Graduated from DBT today.

Surprisingly it came as a bit of a relief. But it also left me feeling bereft.


butterflies said...

Hi POlar,
I feel your pain,I really do.
But God is not to blame for all the things you dont have.Theres no one to blame..blame and guilt are negative and destructive.
Look at the things you do have,a good job,your own home,your health,lots of love and compassion for others.
Theres so many wonderful things about you! Dont hate...its cancerous...
Im thinking of you and am just an email away:)

Yuki said...

Polar Bear,

Congratulations on graduating from DBT! You must be doing well to be able to graduate! That's great!

It sounds like you are very angry. I can understand that you must be angry given the circumstances in which you had to grow up. I think it's only normal and natural what you are feeling.

I'm also only an email away. I don't often blog online anymore, so if there is anyone you need to talk to...please feel free to email me.