Monday, October 02, 2006

City of Ghosts

I’ve been back in the City of Ghosts for business. Staying in a luxury hotel did not banish those standing corner ghosts. But there was a time (two, three years ago) when all I would see were the ghosts, larger than life, screaming and wailing and haunting my every step. This time around, they were faded, the way ghosts are supposed to be, and I could see right through them. Sometimes I would reach out and attempt to touch them, but my hands would go right through, as if they were nothing more than fog blurring my vision but not preventing me from seeing where I was going.

I had conversations with people. I did a presentation which was well received. I slept on a queen sized bed and watched cable. I went out for evening drinks.

I haven’t forgotten. The ghosts haven’t forgotten.

But I’m in a better place now.


butterflies said...

Oh the trip sounds good..I have been quite worried about you and your blogs been offline for a few days.Thankfully its fixed now:)
Im so pleased you are ok.And thanks for all your love and kindness..I appreciate you.

marie said...

I am glad the trip was a success! For people like us, it is a major victory when we do something outside the "comfort zone". I did something recently that was outside mine-I sang at my brother's karaoke show. That was way out there for me. If you stop by the blog read the "No Longer A Virgin" post to see what I mean.

I am in the process of reconnecting with ALL of my blogger friends. Please stay in touch. Take care

James said...

I'm sooo glad that you're in a better place and that your ghosts are faded into the back ground and not attacking you. I know all about those ghosts...they can be powerful so i'm proud of you for being able to beat them up. :)

Brony said...

I'm glad to hear that you are in a better place now. I know that it is not always an easy to place to find.

It's also great to hear that the business trip went well.

(Thanks for stopping by)