Thursday, October 05, 2006

Finding Waldo

Seem to have lost my way once again. Keeping focus is so intolerably difficult. Time dragging so agonizingly slowly and yet it could go past so quickly when I am staring at the corner. What is the meaning of all this? Or maybe it simply does not have one. I am counting my pills, and I have too many. Have I been taking them? Slips of the mind, causing black holes everywhere in my brain. Thoughts falling through the cracks. Maybe gone missing when I wasn’t looking. I haven’t been looking. I’m just trying to find my way again. In the meantime my heart keeps on beating, and a suicide note is in my desk drawer.


ECLIPSE said...

It feels bad ... really bad sometimes ... but the darkness will lift again, even if it doesn't seem that way.

I can relate to the heart that keeps beating ... life seems to take you on a course of its own. And I think it seems that way with our thoughts and feelings, too, but you CAN pull up again when it comes to those.

Brony said...

Boy can I ever relate to floating through life, wondering how things slipped away.

Just as the darkness had lifted before, it will again. I've started an eight week online support group at my blog, I hope you'll stop by.

marie said...

I can totally relate here. This is what mental illness does to people. I am sorry you have lost your way again. This too shall pass. Chin up!


James said...

I'm holding your hand. I won't let go of you. :)

Dobro said...

I can relate to how bad you must be feeling.I am sending hugs and love.It will pass soon