Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sleepless in Hicksville

I’m so tired. I couldn’t sleep last night. Tossing and turning for hours. It felt like it would never end. I tried some DBT skills like using imagery to self soothe. Nothing worked. I finally gave up and took some Ativan to get some sleep. I was off in Happy land within the next hour. But this was already almost midnight. Which meant that when my alarm went off at 6.20am, I was so not ready to get up to face the day. As usual excuses floated through my head. Just call the boss and say “I’m sick, hack hack hack (sound effects usually help)”

“I can’t make it into work today, boss, my body is refusing to get up, but I’ll be there in spirit”.

“Last night my cat got run over and I’m burying him today…… When boss says - "I thought you hate cats?" I’d say “Who do you think ran over him?”

No. I went into work anyway. I’m physically here at least. But probably not here in spirit.


marie said...

Polar Bear-Sorry to hear about your cat. If anything happened to Duke I would be devasated.

Polar Bear said...

Sorry Marie. I didn't mean to mislead you. The cat thing was a joke. Not a very good one apparently....

Polar B.

butterflies said...

Hope the fog lifts for you as the day goes on..Thats the reason I was in the looney bin for 2 weeks..ATIVAN! yukkk I hate it.It made me so fogged out I couldnt think.
Take care Hon..

ECLIPSE said...

The "Who do you think ..." part of the cat joke was funny, Polar.

Don't know what that stuff is that you've taken, but I can relate to being unable to unwind and then unable to get up and face the day.

Good job pushing past that and getting yourself to work!

Brony said...

Don't you love those days. My son had the same day at school.

I'm so glad that I am not working right now.

Hang in there.

Dobro said...

That's the problem with Ativan--if you take it too late in the day----it's near impossible to wake up later when you have to.
Hicksville? I know Hicksville!