Wednesday, November 22, 2006


A is going to be OK. It’s just inconvenient for somebody who is so strongly independent to suddenly have to rely on just about everyone else to do the simplest everyday tasks, like eating, making yourself a sandwitch, going to the toilet, etc. I know what that feels like. When I fractured my pelvis there were many things I couldn’t do for myself. Getting others to do it for you, even paid people who are there specifically to help you shower, is not easy. I’d always had a big difficulty asking for help. Instead, I’d grit my teeth and stretch as far as I can to put on my own goddamn socks. And I can never understand the kind of “pride” I had. What is wrong with getting the Home Help to help me put on my socks? “I can try to do it myself” That was my big mantra. I could barely dress myself, but I quickly learnt of a way to do it myself by lying down on the bed and trying to wriggle myself into my pants. Not a pretty sight, and probably caused me some unnecessary pain, but it got the job done without anyone having to see me naked.

I think that at that time, I didn’t think I would ever be able to walk or run again. The doctors all say I will make a full recovery, but it was so hard to believe that. All I knew was the pain of moving my left leg. The left side was completely useless. I couldn’t feel it, I couldn’t imagine how it would ever be ok again.

Yet here I am.

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The Mass Defective said...

Glad A is going to be ok. That has to suck having both wrists broken & painful too.

I think I'd do the same thing you did and insist on trying to do as much as I could by myself. I'm stubborn that way and also have a hard time asking for help.

Hope the EEG results show nothing serious wrong. Keep us posted.