Friday, December 08, 2006

Project K

Project Kitchen went underway on Wednesday and was completed this morning. I now have a brand new kitchen - benchtop, sink, cabinets, oven, stove. Parts of the wall patched up with new gib. The only thing left to do is to strip the old wallpaper and paint it. Have not decided if I want to do that myself or hire someone in. I don't mind painting it, but I'd hate to strip the wallpaper. That's such a tedious job.

Will have to wait and see what all this so far has cost me. I hope I haven't under budgeted for it.

Session with V yesterday was alright. I think we're back on the same side of the table now.


marie said...

Do you have any pictures of your new kitchen? I would like to see them.

Eclipse said...

Well done putting in a new kitchen!! I'd kill for a new kitchen ... mine's one of those tiny ones in need of a reno. DIY stripping & painting is hard work, but if you've got the energy and inclination it's probably more rewarding than hiring someone. Enjoy that kitchen :-)