Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Run run, running

Rain. Rain everywhere up and down the country. I went running in the rain today. I forget how much fun it is to run in the rain. Every time I drive around and see people running in the rain, I think to myself – now THAT is one dedicated runner. And it makes me question my own priorities around running. I don't normally head out running when it is raining. But I do often get "caught" in the rain. I always felt it was a bit too "crazy" to go running when it is raining. Yeah, I'm weird that way.

I’ve been running a lot recently though. There is a route I take through the trails near the campus. Kinda up and down gentle hills. I used to hate doing hills, and now I love them. It’s all in the mind. Running has always taught me that it is mind over matter. You can be the faster athlete, but you will get beat if you don’t believe in yourself. I know this. I’ve done this – gone into a race and lost to lesser runners. Return to a showdown with a better mental attitude, and I have won.

Seems such an obvious thing. Sometimes I’m just dense.

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