Tuesday, January 09, 2007

She has a soft spot for you

I return, trying to find traces of you. My mind lingering on the edge of that dark precipice. Will you catch me if I fall?

I search for evidence of what once was, trying too hard to imagine the past we shared. Do I even have a right to venture into territories unknown?

I sit here, my tears in suspension. I cannot shed a tear and yet the sobs echo within me. Such gut-wrenching sobs from the depths of hell. It shocks me. The level of pain and agony. It is almost impossible for someone to live through this.

Last night I had an unexpected visitor. We talked around our issues. She showed me Job in the bible – when Job wished he had never been conceived, never been born. It’s not about dying….dying indicates disloyalty to God. It’s pain that should never have been conceived. A tiny fragment of cell being allowed to be nurtured and nourished. It should never have happened. I was never meant to be.


butterflies said...

Yes you were meant to be..
or is God wrong?

Anonymous said...

You were meant to be and in fact, you have a divine purpose....