Thursday, February 22, 2007

Stupid is as stupid does

I've managed to do a couple of VSTs (Very Stupid Thing) at work this week, due to lack of experience and high stupidity. I don't think I've felt so incompetent since my teaching job years and years ago.

If I were to be fair, though, the second boo boo which resulted in high drama was not entirely my fault, but I did play a part in helping make things worse.

I wish I could go hide under a rock until all this wild winds have blown over.


Suzanne said...

Oh it's only work hon... when all is said and done, your dying thoughts won't be of "I wish I hadn't made that mistake back in 2007 at work"... ;-)

BTW, I loved your photos from your hike - sounds like great food for the soul!

yarngirl said...

Dear PB

You are definitely not stupid. Your posts are always very intelligent. Can you do something to distract yourself from your worries? Or perhaps treat yourself to something nice?

All the best
yarngirl xxx