Friday, March 02, 2007


A painful life I ready am to leave,
Wherefore, in mercy, Lord, my soul receive

- author unknown


marie said...

Nice quote. How have you been? Sorry I have been MIA.

butterflies said...

I felt like that and laying down when James died.

yarngirl said...

Dear Polar

No don't give in, please don't. Just take it day by day and no matter how hard today just try again tomorrow. This has got me through my depression. I know it can seem unbearable but don't give up.
love yarngirl xxx

Suzanne said...

That's a beautiful quote - but please don't give up.

One of the great things about being Borderline is that we can (and do) handle all the bad shit that happens. You will bounce back - you're a fighter. :-)

And if I might be so cheeky to add... you already tried checking out once and your body wouldn't let you - in fact your body recovered so much that it lets you climb mountains! Got to be a metaphor or something in that!