Friday, April 27, 2007

Another label

V asked me if I've ever heard of pathological grief. It's about being stuck in a stage of grief, unable to move on, reliving the loss over and over again.

I was so fragile when I saw her this week. The darkness so overwhelming, the silence of unspoken words.


James said...

Imagine me giving you a big, long bear hug. I know that it seems like there is no way out but hold on. As U2 sings, "I you ache and your heart it breaks" but Hold on. Hold on to this blog if nothing else. Hold on to my selfish need to read you and have you as a blogging buddy.

If nothing else I offer you my hand to hold onto--I promise that I won't let go.

sadgirl said...

Dear PB

I am sorry that the darkness overwhelms you. It must be awful but it will change. Keep reaching out so that people can reach back in. Express yourself as much as you can as this may be cathartic. I can't remember do you see a psychotherapist? Every day has a new dawn. Surround yourself with nice comforting things. Take up a new hobby even. Just keep going!

best wishes
sadgirl xxx

sansanity said...

i thought of you (ok more than usual). my therapist announced at the last appt. that he would be gone for a week. and even though i don't feel very connected to him, i suddenly understood what you meant.