Friday, April 13, 2007

Winter running

Today was the first day I got to run outside after 3 days of gusty winds and wet weather. I did a spin/RPM class yesterday, but I was dying to get out there for a run. I don’t wear long sleeved shirts or trackpants to run even in winter. I’m a straight shorts and T shirt runner. Today was cold, but within 10mins of starting out, I was generating enough warmth within my body to feel comfortable. The crisp cool air was wonderful. That’s just another thing I like about winter. But I expect that as we get deeper into the season, going out in nothing more than shorts and T shirt is going to seem as attractive as jumping naked into Georgian Bay in the dead of winter. Still, some people do it.

Hitting the shower post run was wonderful too. Nothing like a hot shower after a run in the chilly air.

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ThePurpleOwl said...

Hi there, Bear. Just thought I'd pop over and return the visit you made... and I find you out out for a winter run while I'm curled up under a tree in the autumn air with a book.

Feels good to notice and take pleasure in the little things when we can, huh?