Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fall from grace

They say you can't kill yourself anymore because it's not your life to kill. All lives belong to God. Ah, but if my life belongs to God, then why doesn't He just keep it? Why give it away to an unworthy guardian who will only fumble and fall from grace?


Sid said...

Whoever "they" are, they're wrong. Your life belongs to no one but you. I just hope you'll continue to fight to make it better.

Suzanne said...

I hold for some reason the belief that we're going to be rewarded for our suffering... that we'll come through the other side with greater wisdom et al.

I hold on to that faith that for me it's going to be REALLY good if I can just hang on in here.

sansanity said...

i hold on because i think the afterlife is like a really popular hotel that is overbooked. If you show up for your reservation early there are no openings at the inn and then you are stuck sleeping in the lobby of the airport.