Thursday, May 24, 2007

The great office cog machine

There are 2 kinds of employees here. The first keep their doors close all the time. The second, keep their doors open. I belong to the latter - because, after all, I am paid to be available. But sometimes, I like to shut the door and seal myself in that vacuous space where time is suspended until it's time to go home.

Sometimes I wonder what the folks who keep their door shut do all day. Sometimes I don't see them for weeks. It's almost like that Friends episode where Jason Alexander plays this suicidal office worker who goes unnoticed in the middle of a busy office. Or it's like the urban legend account of this office drone who is discovered at his desk years after he has passed away.


Ron_F said...

Maybe the closed-door people are hiding under their desk with magazine, a pillow and an alarm clock. It worked for George Costanza.

Dawn said...

If I had an office, I think I'd be the closed door type. I like being by myself, consumed with only my thoughts. Maybe it's a good thing that I don't have an office :)

Dee said...

I just wish I had an office door so I had the option of closing it or leaving it open.

ThePurpleOwl said...

I used to like to close my office door, even sneak a nap (conscience always made me work back the time I napped)...

But at my new job the wall in my office with the door is glass; designed that way for literal 'workplace transparency', I suppose. Somehow shutting the door makes me feel even more exposed -- I imagine like a goldfish, but without the reassurance of water holding me up.

Metaphor for life, really. Or an analogy. A simile? Too tired to remember which; don't tell my editing lecturer...

Polar Bear said...

Yes, I think lots of people take power naps behind closed doors.

I do like to close my door, but sometimes I feel obligated not to close it. I feel too guilty, like I'm not really doing any work if I hide behind a closed door. I do close my door occasaionally though, when I'm having a bad day and just want to shut out the world.

Yes, it's nice to have the option.

Purple Owl,
Funny - about the goldfish. I imagine if I were in a glassed office like that, I'd feel the exact same way ;)

Polar B.

Gledwood said...

I got a comment from someone the other day who works in a "cube"... how Orwellian/Kafkaesque/whatever is THAT??!
Only place I shut myself up is home. There the rest of the world is persona nongrata. Haha!!