Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It rains now because I left the umbrella behind

On the drive to work this morning I saw a perfect rainbow in the sky. I could almost make out where the end of the rainbow was. I wanted to drive off the road and head to where the pot of gold is supposed to be. But I imagine leprechauns would be guarding it.

The sky is all dark now, and pouring with rain. I wanted to go out for a run, and now I can't. The promise of the rainbow is gone without a trace, dampened by the cold wet liquid falling from the sky.

I want to cry too, like the heavy despairing heavens. Is there hope for us when there is none from above?

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disso_k said...

Rainbow's are gorgeous, aren't they?! I'm hoping for a bit of autumn/winter rain over my way so feel free to send some of the excess rain here. If shared, maybe it won't be so bleak.

If needed, find a quiet spot and let the tears flow, just like the sky. Will it ease the pain? I hope so!