Friday, May 11, 2007

Third anniversary

Has it been three years?

I could have been dead for three years.


disso_k said...


I wish I could pack you up and bring you over here to see my pdoc. He tends to keep you in hospital for as long as you need ... days, weeks or even a couple of months if you need the break from every day life.

I hope you are taking care of you!

sadgirl said...

Dear PB

I am very glad you are still around. Staying alive makes recovery possible. However death doesn't. Just take it day by day and keep fighting because we have to. Not just for ourselves but for friends and relatives.

Thinking of you
love sadgirl xxx

Suzanne said...

I can't believe it's been a year already since you described it on this blog. Where the hell has the time gone?

I'm so glad you're still here and your body is still in once piece!

Stay strong and tell us about the sporty action you've been up to. I'm wimping out of sport right now because it's raining haha.

sansanity said...

yes but if you were dead, you'd have to go thru and delete all the times i commented on your blog how i was thinking/feeling the same as something you had said so beautifully. and without those moments PB, I don't know that i would have made it. your words have a way of taking something so painful and giving it beauty. it's not any less painful, but it is easier to face. and there were so many more times when something you said touched me so deep, i couldn't reply because the tears were finally flowing.

Thank you.

MB said...

I'm glad you're still with are amazingly supportive, and such a strong person. Never give up hope, hope never gives up on you.

Stay strong!