Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What have you done to call it upon yourself?

I'm getting by, on the wings of a silent wish.

I wish the pain would end.

I wish I could prove to be a good patient, a good client, a good daughter, a good employee, a good woman, a good person. But if I were a good person, a good human being, wouldn't people love me?

Instead I have lived my life on crumbs of love, starving and aching from the hollowness of my soul. A little girl who was so emaciated and frail she fell over and broke bones. I have not eaten in decades, since the last scrap of leftovers was thrown my way.

And I survive, because it is my punishment.

It is my sentence.


Romy said...

Well no, it is not.People are so much more in charge of thier lives then they ever give themselves credit for.
Never, ever,ever give up...

Suzanne said...

It's funny but the old cliché is true, when you love yourself, others will love you.

You don't need to be a perfect daughter and a perfect friend. You just need to be perfect enough for you. Make yourself happy and the rest will follow.

I have faith in you and your therapy is coming on great - I mean YOU CALLED V!!! :-)))))))))