Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mod Podge

While in the hospital, I managed to join a couple of craft workshops. I made these (among other things, I drew as well) with Mod Podge (some kind of finisher or glue). The design comes from a paper napkin. Then I painted the sides to match the picture. It's hard to see it in 2D. But it was done on a regular (square) paint canvas.

It was the world's easiest thing to do, but I messed up the "riesling" one - you can see bubbles/creases that are not supposed to be there. The activity was soothing though. I guess that was the idea.


sansanity said...

The creases and bubbles make it look aged and remind you that it is a real work of art and not some generic mass produced doohickey.

sadgirl said...

So glad PB to hear of your creativity. Perhaps it will distract your thoughts. I did art therapy in hospital. It did genuinely help. Your creativity could be the start of something good and help your self esteem and improve motivation.

Thinking of you
sadgirl xxx

Polar Bear said...

Thank you to everyone who prayed, or wished me well over the last few posts. I can certainly feel the support and the caring, so I just want to say thanks.

Things are still a bit overwhelming with me, but I will catch up with seeing how YOU all are doing. Just slowly perhaps, step by step.

Thank you
Big bear hug from
the Polar Bear