Monday, June 18, 2007

Case manager

My case manager stares at me.

Are you eating? she asked.

I missed lunch today because I went running, and when I got back, I had a meeting with my manager.

You've lost weight, she told me.

We've agreed to meet on Thursdays now, instead of Mondays, because I see V on Wednesdays and recently the sessions with V has been stirring up a lot of emotions which then trigger crisis moments for me. Our Thursday meetings may de-escalate some of those feelings.

I think it's a wise move.


sadgirl said...


I am so sorry for your struggle. Does it help at all writing your feelings down? Sometimes when I am distressed I write letters to the people who upset or hurt me. They are often angry but this way I get the feelings out. I calm down and ofcourse never send the hurtful letters but destroy them when i feel better. I wish I could say something to make you feel better. But in the end its all about trundling along till you get the right drug combo or waiting till the depression goes. My pdoc has said to me I could wake up one day to find the depression totally gone.

Thinking of you
sadgirl x

ThePurpleOwl said...

How much weight have you lost, Bear? I've 'found' about 10 kg in the last few months, and I sure as hell don't want it... Perhaps I could mail it back?

sansanity said...

Yeah I think you are right. This week I had to meet with my pdoc on Monday, employee assistance guy (i.e. therapist at work) for 2 hours, my therapist on Wednesday and then was supposed to meet my boss for the weekly "i'm ok. no really I am ok" meetings.
I was PUNCHY by Tuesday afternoon; mad by Wednesday so I postponed my boss until friday. i'm looking forward to no appointments for 6 days.