Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dead of winter

Winter is here, after a rather mild autumn. We've had the rain, we've had the freezing dawn and the first frost has occurred. The colour of the leaves have long faded, fallen away into its silent death. Skeletal fingers of trees reach up towards the deepening grey skies.

It is cold. It is so cold. And they promise another cold snap over the next 2 days.

Rain, too. And the ground is muddy and sticky, as I go running through the trails, my fingers numb with cold, my body generating a warmth that seeps out and becomes vapour against the chilled winds.

Everything is chilled.

Everything is cold.

It's not just the cold. It's the darkness that does not leave the dawn, the darkness that encroaches too early in the evening.

Everything is dark. Everything is cold.


sadgirl said...


Sorry things are so bad. It won't always be this way. Your post reminded me of a hymn I used to sing at school. It went
" From the darkness came light,
From the blackest of nights.
Wait for the dawn, the sunlight, the morning.
From the darkness came light".

Things change. Light will come again.

thinking of you
sadgirl x

Jörð said...

Hey, sorry you have lost sight of the light, I hope you find it again very soon. : ) This will sound like a sales pitch I know, but it really isn't (how suspect does THAT sound). If you drop by my blogpage, you'll find a link to our mental health community, it's new but we are a friendly bunch, you'll be warmly welcomed if you'd like to join up : )

No worries if not mate, take things easy, Sarah

James said...

I wish I could give you a big warm hug. :)

I don't like the long dark nights in the winter either. I hope things warm up soon and the light lights up your smile. :)

Sid said...

Guess I'm weird because I like the empty tree branches, the cold, the darkness. Maybe because it seems to mirror my life rather than the vivaciousness that seems to come with Spring & Summer.

Is there someplace with an indoor track where you can run until it warms up outside again?

Lets both keep hanging in there.

MB said...

sorry you're having such a rough time of things polar, **big hug** Have faith hun!