Friday, July 27, 2007

I don't like it when we fight

It wasn't so bad. I went in, we talked.

She listened, she understood.

Even though we disagreed on how events turned out at our last session, she was open to the possibility that she could have been wrong. She even agreed to listen to the tape of that session.

Dammit. Even though I am wary, I'm no longer angry.


nadcesca said...

You must feel relief in some sort of way! WOW that she actually admits that she might have been wrong is a good thing for you... at least for me it's mean that she see her self as human and not better than you!

Marie said...

PB-I am glad you are no longer angry. I know from personal experience that it is a heavy load to carry.

KansasSunflower said...

You must feel some mental peace about the situation now - not so tormented, I hope?

Suzanne said...

Great! She's your therapist, she needs to listen - and you opinions, thoughts, ideas (even if in disagreement with her) need to be validated!

All our lives as BPD we're invalidated - we really don't need our blinkin' therapists doing the same to us!

Glad you're doing well anyway - have you seen the Simpson film yet?

Sid said...

I'm glad she was open to the idea that she could have been wrong. I think that's an indication you're working with someone that is respectful and sees you as human, not as a lesser being because you have an illness.

After my last argument with my T and the emails that followed she agreed with an important point I made and admitted she was wrong. I am still wary too, but at least I feel validated for a change.