Friday, September 21, 2007

Common language

Before I left for the Gold Coast, I gave her a print of one of my favourite polar bear photos which I'd taken on my first trip to SeaWorld. She seemed pleased - her face seemed to light up when she saw the photo. She asked if she could put it up on her bulletin board in her office. I said yes.

Yesterday, I noticed it was up on her bulletin board and I noticed that she had pinned it up in such a way that none of the push pins made any holes on the photograph itself.

My heart aches at her thoughtfulness.

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Sid said...

That's kewl that she did that. If I were to give anything to my T, she'd probably just stick it in my file, with all the other crap that's in there.

Glad you had fun on your trip & got to be up close with the polar bears!