Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A day in the life

My work day doesn't vary much. In writing this, two things became glaringly obvious to me. One, is how isolated I am despite working in a building with at least 50 other people. Secondly, I depend on caffeine to pretty much get me through the morning. Nothing wrong with either. Just something I noticed.

6.20am the alarm goes off. Blarp blarp blarp. It is an ugly ugly sound. It jolts me awake and it is turned off within seconds. I immediately roll out of bed, turning on the TV at the same time. I am so tired, my body tells me. I shake off thoughts of staying in bed and calling in sick for a wide range of excuses that flits through my mind. You'll feel better after the coffee. You always do. It'll be alright.

I head to the kitchen and set the jug, spoon coffee into the french press and wait for the jug to boil. When it does, I pour the water into the french press and return to my room where I lie in bed and watch the 6.30am news bulletin.

6.38am the news is over, and I take note of the weather for the day. It says more rain today. Great, what else is new. I plan to sign up for Spin class in case I can't go running in heavy rain. Coffee is ready, I pour myself my first cup and settle in bed, sitting up, waiting for the caffeine to hit. When I finish my first cup, I pour myself a second, then a third.

7.00am, another news bulletin comes on. It's time to get going. I hit the shower, dress, and head out to the garage and get into my car. It is 7.15am and traffic is light.

7.25am I arrive at the car park where I get my pick of where I want to park. I park, walk over to my building and let myself in with my swipe card. The corridors are dark and I turn on lights as I walk through the building and up the stairs to my office on the second floor.

7.30am I am at my desk, turning on my computer as I hang up my coat. I make a brief call to the gym and register for the lunch time Spin class. Registration starts at 7.30am and all 14 places are snapped up very quickly - usually within the first 5 minutes of open registration. I get a spot today and hang up the phone. My work day officially starts.

8.45am and people are starting to turn up. Voices in the corridors as people greet each other. I'm starting to fade, so I head to the staff room with my mug for a coffee. I return to my desk and try to focus as I sip on my fourth cup of coffee for the morning.

10am people are heading to the staff room for morning tea. I continue to sit at my desk and stare into my computer, my empty coffee cup next to me. There is a report I started weeks ago which I tell myself I need to submit by week's end. But there is no set deadline. I am obviously procrastinating.

I look out the window - it is raining. I curse silently. I didn't run yesterday and I'm longing to go for a run today. It is too wet for a run in the rain. If the rain stops...

11.50am The rain doesn't stop, I finally give up thoughts of a run. I head over to the gym.

12.10pm Spin class begins. I work hard and I am sweating by the middle of the second track.

12.55pm Spin class ends, and I head for the shower. I feel good as the endorphins course through my body. This is the only part of my day when I feel as if I can handle anything that comes in my way. I'm ready for the second round of work through the afternoon.

1.10pm back at my desk and I quickly check email. A couple of non urgent notifications in my inbox. I head to the staff room to heat up my lunch. It's canned penne and meatballs. I'm hungry after my workout. I eat my lunch at my desk.

2.10pm still staring into my computer and occasionally out the window.

3.15pm less than an hour to go.

4.10pm the work day is officially over for me. I turn off the lights in my office and head out of the building.

4.20pm I'm driving through town and traffic is light, it is the lull between the after school rush and the office traffic.

4.35pm I am home and starting to prepare dinner as I watch Everybody Loves Raymond. On the menu tonight is hoki fillet seasoned with garlic and garlic salt, boiled potatoes and lots of vegetables - cauliflower, some mesculin mix and sliced red onion.

5.10pm I'm eating dinner as I watch a rerun of The Simpsons. For dessert, I eat two mandarins.

6pm I check the TV Guide to see what's on TV tonight. Not much, as usual. I decide to read instead of watch the 6 o'clock news.

7.30pm I turn on the TV again and watch whatever's on.

7.45pm I turn off the lights and prepare for bed. I take my meds and watch TV in bed. Sometimes I read while watching TV.

8.30pm the meds are starting to take effect and I fall asleep eventually.

Tomorrow, I know it starts all over again. But I try hard not to dwell on the loneliness and pointlessness of it all.


MB said...

I've been thinking the same thing about my life recently too. Part of me wants to pack up and leave, go somewhere else, but chances are it'd be the same there too. I'm beginning to think its time to re-train. Was good to hear about someone elses day!

butterflies said...

It sounds good to me! At least you have a job..a home..some yummy food and a nice gym class:)
I can see a lot of positivness in all of it and Im so pleased,dear Polar that your life has gained some calmness.

Suzanne said...

You sound incredibly organised.

I tend to wake up thinking "gosh, it's really light for 6:30"... then I realise the reason it's light is because I forgot to turn the alarm on and it's 8am, then I wash my face, brush my teeth, pull on some vaguely clean clothes and leap in the car.

KansasSunflower said...

You sure are a healthy "bear"! :-)
You have the discipline to exercise and eat healthy - very good for people, especially us.

To be honest, what purpose does anyone's life have? Yours DOES have a purpose - you're a contributing member to society - you go to work every day, you take good care of yourself, you contribute. And...there are people who care about you, whether you want to believe it or not.

I drink coffee like it's water, too - but hey, it's what gets me to work, too, after all of those nighttime meds! :-)