Monday, October 29, 2007


Work is stepping up a notch. I'm being sent to Canberra next week for a few days on a work assignment. I'm terrified. I don't know if I am able to do what I am supposed to do with the state of mind I'm in at the moment. I can't screw this up and the pressure is enormous.


MB said...

Take a deep breath!

You can do this girl! Obviously they think you are the best person for the job or they wouldn't send you hun!

I have faith in you chick!

And change is always a little scary, I have my resignation in today and I'm terrified! It's an opportunity to embrace.

Suzanne said...

They've got faith in you hon, as have we, your loyal readers!

And, *if* you fuck up... so what? I once cost a company 4 million pounds hahaha.

MB said...

Wow suzanne, 4 million pounds - im in awe!

Suzanne said...

... In the world we live in I was still the best temp they'd ever had hahaha!

sadgirl said...

Don't think you can't do it, think you can. Imagine yourself succeeding. Try to relax when away from the job. And in the end its a job. I haven't been at work for 6 years so you are doing better than me! You'll be telling us in a few days that you were fine. And treat yourself to something nice once its over.

take care
sad x

Dawn said...

You can do it,polar bear. I'll be thinking about you. good luck and try to take some time to enjoy out of work fun as well.

butterflies said...

Of course you can do it and youll do it well.
Love ya

James said...

Chop the task up into smaller chucks and take it one hour at a time. I know this is easier said then done though. I hope that you can find some peace to help you through this stressful time.

You are very strong an courageous and I admire you for that. You're in my thoughts.