Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The grocery shopping

In my dream I am sitting in my car, in a grocery parking lot, waiting for something, someone, I don't know what, or who. I'm fidgeting restlessly while listening to my MP3 player. A few moments later I watch her emerge from the grocery store, looking tall and elegant as she always does. There is a man by her side, pushing the trolley. They both head to a nearby light blue Chevy and start to load grocery bags into the trunk of the car. She helps him. They both load grocery bags into the trunk.

When they're done, he pushes the trolley to the space where you return the trolleys, and she gets into the driver's seat. But before that, she puts her handbag in the back seat on the driver side. He drops off the trolley and heads over to the passenger side and gets into the car.

They drive off.

I'm crying as I wave goodbye.


butterflies said...

You need to do something where you are involved more.
I know its easy to say..but from my own experience,to help others in some way,really benefits ourselves.
Join a running club,go to a nightclass!! meet some ppl.
I love yu

butterflies said...

Oh and I also know what it feels like to be on the outside looking in...it sucks.

James said...

I'm sorry you're plagued by these bad dreams. I deal with the same thing. I just had one last night that I was having sex with Pamela Anderson. I was all excited and into but then the next day I was accused of date rape and being framed. The last thing I knew I was headed for the police station.

I hate those kind of dreams. I always seem to have these kind of prison dreams.

sadgirl said...


Sorry about your dreams. Even though I am feeling better all my dreams are horrible still e.g big fat spiders. Still they are only dreams and not reality. Can you do something that you like to reduce dwelling on them or buy yourself a treat you have wanted for ages.

Take care
thinking of you
sad x