Friday, November 30, 2007

The golden labrador

Fifteen minutes into my run today he came bounding up to me, tongue hanging out, a wide grin on his face that seemed to say "Play with me! PLAY! PLAY!". I ignored him and kept running until he was practically tripping me up, then I yelled at him to go home. He obviously didn't understand that. He kept coming after me. I thought once I strayed far enough from his home turf, he might turn around and go back wherever he came from, but he didn't.

For the next 20 minutes, he ran alongside me, as if he belonged to me, up and down the trail leading into Old West Road. I'd have to admit, I was really enjoying his company. There was a small uphill stretch where I was running along an open road and was quite concerned about him being run over as he was simply not listening to me when I yelled at him to run on the shoulder and get the hell off the road where cars were coming at 100Km/h. Fortunately it was a quiet back road and there weren't that many cars going by and I didn't stay on it too long.

He followed me all the way back to the rec center. I stopped to pet him. I thought I'd give the phone number on his collar a call, but once I got to the rec center, he took off after another runner. Oh well. I hope he gets home safe tonight.


Suzanne said...

We've told you before - get a dog! Go to the pound this weekend & treat YOURSELF!

Then, make friends with nice people with kennels. The people at my kennels know I have mental health problems and have a key to my house - if they get "the call", they'll come and pick up the girls until I'm better.

They really are good for the soul, they're not called man's best friend for nothing.

Thank you so much for the sensible & kind words you left on my blog. x

butterflies said...

Yeah I agree..get a dog! They are wonderful faithful friends.The dont judge,they respond to affection.
And they NEED you.
It will be so good for you to not have to come home to an empty house too.
Now its summer its the time to do it!
Have a great weekend

Marie said...

I agree here! Get a pet! Since I have had my cat, I am happier! Pets warm our hearts like nothing else can!

Mamabeek said...

What a character! Seems he likes to hang out with those who share his joy for running. Hope he found his way back home at the end of the day.

I'm going to guess he heard what you meant and not what you said. LOL!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you have a wonderful break. =)

Polar Bear said...

Hey guys,
I would love to get a dog. Really, I would. But I like big dogs, like Labs and golden retrievers, and big dogs need plenty of space and exercise. I don't have space for a big dog. Or even a little dog.

I work full time and I'm hardly home, so it really wouldn't be fair to a dog. I don't believe in keeping dogs cooped up all day while I am away at work.

I think if I live to see old age and see my retirement, I'd get a dog for sure. Then i can spend all my time with him.

disso_k said...

What a gorgeous furry guy ... keeping you company like that while you ran. Wouldn't it be great if he materialized again! I'm sure when he finally got home that night, his family wondered why he was so tuckered out. :)