Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It was nice knowing you

Images of the trip still linger in my mind as I work through the photos I took for my scrapbook. I saw such amazing sights and felt as good as I have ever felt, each day waking up to a new day and wondering about the adventures I was yet to experience. I felt like a different person, a stranger.

V asked me, is that because you were busy with activities, or is it because you were away from your normal environment?

Both, I said. Both.

It was the combination that invited this stranger into my life, however brief it was.

Now reality is settling in. I'm back to the daily grind of work. The stranger has gone, leaving me with fading memories of the strangeness she brought with her, the occasional whiff of her perfume. I miss her already.

All I have are the photos as evidence that she was ever here at all.


MB said...

When I was in Germany it felt like I was a different person. Care free. Without any illness. And without any worries. Returning back to the UK, I wanted to be that person again. Strange isnt it?

The Hopeful Borderline. said...

Beautiful photos. Looks and sounds like you had a great trip. I think I know what you mean. Sometimes its freeing to be a stranger with no expectations.

Sid said...

I is both. I always feel better when I can get away from my day to day life, all the sights, sounds and activities that are all too familiar.

You'd think it'd be scary being someplace unfamiliar, but it is actually soothing because for that short time you feel like you've escaped from hell.

I hope you can hold onto that good feeling for as long as possible. Pull out the pictures every chance you get and allow your mind to wander back there if you need to.


nadcesca said...

I so understand how you feel... right now I wish I could be somewhere else... new life... new environment... but I guess it is impossible... Hope you will still get energy from your memories. take care Nadine

Zathyn Priest said...

It's always nice to escape to somewhere beautiful whenever you get the chance, and NZ is certainly somewhere beautiful. I don't think it's unusual for people to suffer post-holiday blues, especially when returning to day to day life is so tough.

Anonymous said...

I totally understand the feeling you are talking about, like the person enjoying nature and travel is a totally different person. I think it is the person we would be if not for depression. Ditto what Hopeful and Sid said.