Thursday, February 07, 2008


They don't know. They haven't been there. They look into my eyes, and it frightens them. They push their drugs. Take this, take that, take more. That's all they know. All I want is for them to listen. But they don't know how to listen.


butterflies said...

You have to make them listen!!
You have a right to be heard so keep talking until they hear you.
Big hugs sweetie:)

nadcesca said...

I understand your frustration. I feel the same as you. Are they afraid? Are they just not concern? Are they just stupid, ignorant? I wish I knew how to make them see us and then pay attention to what we are really saying. Write here, write me and I'll listen (read)... Like butterfly said make them listen to you... Hugs xx

James said...

(nods head)

It seems like I'm one of those animals that they use to test drugs on. Locked in a cold cage.

Poked and prodded for re-actions.

I give and give. In return I am given a bill.

The Hopeful Borderline. said...

Hope you feel better soon. Just keep going.

Saima said...

What a beautiful country you have (I read about your trip)!

To get someone to listen is vital. Someone who's patient enough to see through the silence or misleading words protecting you. It's vital even if you have a relationship with someone. Both will and ability are needed.

Zathyn Priest said...

Probably one of the most frustratingly difficult parts of my dark 7 month depression/PSTD was trying to make someone hear me. I learnt a big lesson - one we shouldn't have to learn but seems we must - you have to keep making the noise until someone takes notice. For me that person ended up being my GP.

I phoned helplines, doctors, admitted myself into the psych ward, phoned counsellors - anyone and everyone. Don't give up, just keep shouting until they DO listen.