Friday, May 23, 2008

I fear

I fear. I despair. My existence is an empty barren pit.

Everywhere lurks monsters, creatures from the deepest nightmares.

I fear.

I fear I will never smile again. I fear I will never hear my own laughter again. I fear I will never walk the earth again. I fear I will forever lose myself into this eternal depth.

I fear the creatures down there will eat me and spit me out, like nothing but hollow bones.

I am nothing. I am nothing but a shell of a human being.


sansanity said...

i'd argue with the last line. you are so much more than that. your words prove it. you may feel frail but you are not nothing.

Marissa Miller said...

I am right there with you.

Skii said...

Visit and

I completely understand what you mean about being in a barren land. I am a polar bear and i am losing my home. That poetry was deep and moving.

Aqua said...

Your shell is only one aspect of you. Inside you is a deep and interesting being. I see that in all your posts. I am so sorry you are struggling so much.
Take care,