Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wheel of Fortune

Life is like a giant spin wheel.

You get one spin when you are born. If you're lucky, you get a family that loves you.

You get another spin when you grow up. If you're lucky, you get someone who loves you, you raise a family who loves you.

There is no bond in this life which cannot be broken by time, by circumstances, or by chance. There is no other bond quite like a family bond. This is the bond between a mother and a child. This is the bond of two people who make a pact to become one.

But when you spin the wheel and you lose, all you will ever know is grief and pain. All that will ever grace your life are heartaches and losses.

One day, perhaps soon - I think, my heart will kill me. One day, my heart will shatter into a million pieces and I will not be able to put it together again.


Aqua said...

Polar Bear,
Maybe one day all the pieces will be put back together "differently" and you will not be put together like before, but maybe in a completely unexpected, but not unwelcome, way. That is how I am trying to see this frightening journey as heading towards an unknown destination, but maybe that's what needs to happen...a whole rebirth and change.

I am thinking of you and I am hoping you will achieve freedom, love and all the things you need to be happy in this world.

sansanity said...

One day, perhaps soon - I think, my heart will kill me.

i wonder sometimes if my mind is trying to kill me, if i am slowly willing myself to die because i am to chicken to willfully do the job myself. the number of somataform illnesses/symptoms i develop are growing in number & severity. i've stopped bothering to report them.

Raine said...

Hi Polar Bear, I like your analogy, but if I may I'd like to think that after the initial spin of the wheel we get to take the control out of the hands of fate and take a turn ourselves. Once we do the wheel turns and the ups and downs are simply the wheel turning and turning through the higher and lower value segments. And only when I get to the end will I know if it was good or bad overall. Maybe I'll get lucky and land on an Extra Turn. Certainly I think with the therapy you are adding Extra Turns as you go. More chances to make things better.