Thursday, July 24, 2008


I'm not a great artist, but I find drawing and colouring somewhat therapeutic. I've tried doing a water colour painting as well over the last couple days, but it's not turning out well at all.

This drawing was done in water colour pencils, even though I didn't really use the "water colour" part. It's just a colour pencil piece. I've done a similar one quite a few years ago and my brother liked it so much I gave it to him. This one's not as nice as the one I gave him, as I did this one in quite a hurry.


Wandering Coyote said...

Wow - this is really great. I know I'm impressed. I cannot draw at all. I love the colours, and I've used those water colour pencils before, too. I quite liked them.

Aqua said...

Wow polar draw very well. This picture is beautiful. I love the composition. You have talent.

jsprik said...

i cannot draw , but i love to color!! must be a bpd thing??? take care!!

Krissy said...

This is absolutely lovely! I don't think I'd be able to put together a piece like that, but I wish I could. I know other people wish they could too, and I hope that makes you feel awesome.

It's good to have a little color sometimes.

Anonymous said...

This is great, Polar. I really like it. I've found that watercolor pencils have a different feel and texture anyway, even if you don't use water. I've tried them with water, but never quite got the hang of it. Plus, it made the page crinkle as it dried.

Keep drawing. *hugs*

Jac xXx