Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympic fever

I was up almost all night last Thursday coughing my lungs out. The cold I thought I was successfully fighting off finally took me down and I sounded bad enough on Friday morning to call in sick. Not that I was complaining because for 3 days straight, I was glued to my TV watching the Olympics.

I love the Olympics. There's nothing better than watching the best of the best in the world compete in such a variety of sports.

Some questions I had:

Gymnastics: Why do the coaches only stand below the gymnast periodically and not always? How do they pick the moments?

Rowing: Are the boats collapsible to make it easier to transport them on airplanes?

Equestrian: How do they transport the horses from one country to another? Are the horses sedated for the travel?

Fencing: What does the wire that is worn on the fencers’ wrists do?

Marathon: (Women’s race) Did Radcliffe actually squat down on the side of the road to pee?

Cycling (road): (along similar lines to previous question) In the men's 120km race, what happens when someone has to pee?

Swimming: Why are most of the swimmer’s suits in black/gray? Don’t they make them in other colours? Or is black somehow “faster”?


susan said...

I too have wondered how they move horses from one country to another.

I wonder what size the pill they use is to sedate a horse.

butterflies said...

Did you see the marathon runner leave the race to pee yesterday?? Yes they do sedate the horse,I know that much...
dont know about the boats..

Stephany said...

I think the boats are shipped like the horses, though not sedated! :)

18 hr flight for the horses, and they are in a crate, lifted up into the airplane. On and off the airplane is the most difficult task.Once there they have equestrian teams with air conditioned vans,trailers, to transport to event.

I'm glad you're here PB!

Suzanne said...

Horses: Can be sedated :( but they'd rather not. Travelling that length of time in crates carries a HUGE risk of almost like "cot-death". Horses do NOT travel well and in a sport where the riders sometimes don't own their steeds - it's not uncommon for the owners to say "no" to travel. There will be a vet on board the flight. I don't like my horse travelling more than 3 hours in a trailer... :-/

Marathon - peeing? That's *NOTHING* - during the london marathon 2 years ago she did a SHIT at the side of the road. Yep, REALLY!

Gymnastics - do you mean the parallel bars? It's because some of the moves carry a greater risk of "missing" the bar and so falling awkwardly.

Polar Bear said...

Thanks, everyone for your comments, and some of you have answered my questions!

I really can't get over the peeing incident. Incredible that she did a POO a few years ago!! Her body's timing is simply terrible! But like they say, when you gotta go, you gotta go!

Rainey said...

I found this article about moving the Canadian team horses to Beijing:

Hi Polar Bear, hope you don't mind me posting on your blog.