Friday, September 19, 2008

Tribute to V

If you were an artist, you would have been Leonardo Da Vinci.

If you were a composer, you would have been Bach, or maybe Beethovan.

The truly great inspire us all. They touch lives with their art, and with their sheer mastery they stand above all the rest.

Ordinary people, doing extraordinary things. Do you even know it?

There is a way about you. There is a graceful way in which you weave comfort and security around me. Like a warm blanket it protects me from the harsh elements that batter me every moment of my life outside of our sessions.

At one time all I wanted to do was to hide in my cave. All I could think about was death. I couldn't fight. I was bloodied and torn apart. The world had chewed me up and spit me out. My world was nothing but anguish and agony, until you came into my life and taught me to pick myself up. Over and over again. With a patience I have never experienced before, not even as a young child, you would smile at me, and my world would come back into focus.

My battle wounds I show to you, and you bind me up with a word of encouragement, a nod of approval. You tend to my injuries and you take away the sting of the pain. You tell me I am OK, that I am acceptable. Everything that you say and do, I get the sense of how much you actually care. And then, in subtle, skillful ways, you challenge me to venture further, to shake the dust off my feet, to fight harder.

And I do. I do, because you give me the courage to do it.


Anonymous said...

Every now and then, you meet an angel.

We are incredibly lucky. And blessed.


Raspberry said...

Wow - they sound like a very special person. I'm glad they have touched your life in such a way xXx

Aqua said...

I would take it one step further and suggest you have a whole following of bloggers and readers who believe in you, and accept you; who know you are strong and powerful and can get through all of this.

I'd take it even further and say you are like V to some of us too: Supportive, thoughtful, accepting caring. I am personally very glad to have connected with you.

You are very lucky to have V, and we are very lucky to have you.

Judy B said...

How wonderful to have a therapist like that.

Stephany said...

We are indeed lucky to have you; and I gave you a blog award for this reason.

I think that there are people in this world that are angels that cross our paths.

Emma said...

That was awesome.

Marie said...

I am glad you have found someone special. My search is just beginning.

I want to find my angel as well!

You are right artists have an incredible gift to inspire and touch the lives of others. I am so proud that I in that class of people!

The rest of the world needs people like us in it!