Monday, October 13, 2008

Update bits

I've been away end of last week - a couple of days in Napier at a work conference. It was exhausting. The networking was less than fun, but necessary. I had a couple glasses of wine at the conference dinner. I don't usually drink, but wanted to see if it relaxed me. It didn't.

It was only 2 days, but I slept horribly on the only night I spent away. I couldn't sleep, and when I did, I had a terrible nightmare where I couldn't speak and I was dying.

I spent Saturday recovering, then went out on an hour long run along the river on Sunday. It was a beautiful day for running. I keep telling myself I need to spend more of my weekends going on those longer runs, but a few incidences of young women being raped/assaulted on that track stopped me from going down there.

Work has been busy, which is a good thing. There are some days when things pile up and I seem to lose the ability to manage them, but there are days when I am more focussed and more able to deal with them. There's a constant ebb and flow effect. I have to remind myself that there will be days when I drown and days when I breathe. I can only hope there are more breathing days than there are drowning days.

Meanwhile, my friend whom I went down to visit a few weekends ago, is dying from the cancer. There is a quiet acceptance from the bits of news I have received, that it is only a matter of time.


Wandering Coyote said...

Now that I'm generally feeling better, I find exercise to be much more mind-clearing that it was when I was sicker. Not sure how that works, but there you have it.

If you were in a hotel for your conference, I'm not surprised you slept poorly. I HATE hotel rooms. There is nothing comfortable about them at all.

Anonymous said...

I really liked your mind map, it was really creative, and sometimes I think we can only express certain things through art...

You sound a bit more positive today, I hope that it continues for you.